Request time out after google single sign-on

i recently noticed that i am unable to login using google single sign-on which under the hood uses GitHub - zquestz/omniauth-google-oauth2: Oauth2 strategy for Google
i am using cloudflare for DNS and traffic is proxied through cloudflare as well

for some reason the requests times out with this error with Bad gateway Error code 502
and this is what i see in the logs
proxy[72992f21] fra [error] could not make HTTP request to instance: connection error: timed out

the request is initiated and i am taken to the google to select the account i want to use to login but then it times out and i get the bad gateway error page from cloudflare

it is working fine locally. i have updated omniauth and omniauth-google-oauth2 to the latest version and i have been using POST to make the call as described in the migration guide

other stategies like GitHub - omniauth/omniauth-github: GitHub strategy for OmniAuth work just fine

That error means the app didn’t accept a connection from our local proxy. This is most often because an app process is either hung, or crashing and restarting. You can typically find these with a combo of fly status --all and the health check history in our UI.

there is nothing odd in the fly status --all i ran multiple times as the page was loading it always the same response and if i open the app in the another tab is working just fine

if auth failed then it would go the /auth/failure endpoint but instead it gets stuck in the auth/google_oauth2/callback endpoint

  Name     = senalador          
  Owner    = senalador          
  Version  = 61                 
  Status   = running            
  Hostname =  
  Platform = nomad              

f5643000	worker 	61     	gig   	run    	running	                  	0       	2023-04-22T16:47:49Z	
e2f1e59e	web    	61     	fra   	run    	running	1 total, 1 passing	0       	2023-04-22T16:47:49Z	

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