Request: Can Fly be more noisy when a deployment fails?

The attached is what it looks like when a deployment fails. It’s easy to miss, especially given the waiting involved means the user switches to a different task. I’d love the UI to display something in red or to receive an email or something when a deployment fails and has to revert. Thank you!

While this is ultimately on me, I did miss that deployments for this app kept failing.

Seems like a great use-case for go-notifier.

CI/CD already monitors exit status & handles alerting, so IMHO it’s only important for deployments from a dev’s local machine.


I’ll take a look at that, thanks! I’ll note that as a solo developer I’ve not set up an CI/CD. Yes, I know I should, but I just haven’t done it yet. So I deploy from my dev machine.

I do still hold the position that the CLI should be more vocal / visible here. Easy to miss this among the green.

Already looking into what we can do on that, rest assured.

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awesome, thank you Codepope :pray::innocent:

@david It takes about 5 min to setup CI on GitHub Actions:

Actions are pretty nice, the notifications options aren’t great but you’ll have a nice log of what’s happened after pushes.

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oh wow, that’s super cool! I’m going to give that a spin.