request a new remote builder instance

Last night I was migrating a clojure/jvm app to Fly. I eventually got it working but I had to often kill the remote builder and try again because it gets stuck (unsure why; maybe underpowered?).

Today I notice that I can’t see the remote builder apps in the UI anymore. Is there still a way to “kill” whatever remote builder is assigned to an app/org, or otherwise force a new one to be spawned?

As far as I know, if one exists, it’s used. Which makes sense as normally that’s what you’d want. No point starting a new one if there is one already.

You could see if the CLI reports anything different to the UI? If you’ve used that before, it’s as simple as fly apps list. That will show all your apps. The builder will stand out as it will have a random name made by Fly. If you see one there, run fly destroy builder-name-here and that will delete it. And so next time you deploy, a new one will be made.

You shouldn’t need to repeatedly destroy one though … Currently you occasionally need to because their disks can get full and if so, that blocks subsequent deployments.

The other option would be building locally if you have Docker installed? That may work better for your particular application. Avoids the problem entirely.