Reporting a failed deployment

I was deploying ( a large image I know, we are working on skimming these down this week ), but I just wanted to report an error that I received when doing a deploy on CircleCI to fly.

Here is the output:

Happy to help diagnose the issue if need be. Not sure if this is caused by a “timeout” or if its just a communication issue between circle and fly.

app name: better-cart-monster-bash-checkout-worker-prod

After running the failed job on circle again, it found the image right away and it was deployed successfully in less than 10 seconds.

That looks like an HTTP timeout trying to read our API, so it would be unrelated to image size. If you see errors after the Creating release line it’s quite possible the release actually went through. Retrying is fine, but you can also run fly status and see if the new versions is running.

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Gotcha! I did just take a look at the status and the activity log and I do not see a successful deploy prior to the retry.

Just wanted to share the error since we have never seen it before. Wasn’t sure if it could help anyone else or if it could help the team out diagnose any possible issues with release stages.