Remix app does not deploy sometimes

Hi! I’m using for hosting my Remix app.
I’ve set up a Github workflow to deploy it and I noticed that sometimes it Github runs the job for hours and fails, here’s an example of a failed workflow:
(improvement) Pro-rata subscription upgrades (#331) · Swetrix/swetrix-fe@59098ae · GitHub

If I manually restart the same workflow, it runs properly:

I’m using 2 LHR instances for hosting the website.

Why do the builds fail?


I don’t know why your builds are failing, however one tip: I’d recommend adding a timeout-minutes value. Else if something does go wrong (like this), Github will indeed wait … and wait … and wait … which is a waste of time. Especially if you are paying per minute. If a deploy to two instances takes longer than X minutes (e.g 15 minutes) I think it’s pretty safe to assume it’s gone wrong and won’t work at all.

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