release: unofficial terraform provider

Hey folks. The initial release of my unofficial* TF provider is here.

To see what is supported and not supported take a look at the README: GitHub - DAlperin/terraform-provider-fly-io.

To get installation/usage instructions see: Terraform Registry.

Please let me know if you get a chance to try it out/what you think!

*I’ll be working with fly over the next few weeks to turn it into a an officially supported terraform provider, so keep an eye out for that :^)

cc: @hb9cwp :slight_smile:


@DAlperin First of all, thank you for the effort you put into the development of this new provider!

During my first experiment with it, I ran into an issue while trying to import an app resource into Terraform of an app that is already launched in Fly.
I have opened an issue #10 on GitHub “Unexpected error on import of app resource” where I also tried to provide enough context for others to retry this first basic example.
Maybe I simply overlooked something while learning Fly, Terraform and other stuff all at the same time? Thanks.

@DAlperin has already identified and fixed the issue in the updated version 0.0.4 of the provider.
See link to Issue #10 above for details.

P.S. Great to hear about Fly supporting the work on this new provider!