[REDIS] How to access from AWS?

hey there,
How can we access the redis instance from AWS? No docs on this, is it possible?

In case you weren’t aware, there’s docs on accessing RDS: Connect fly wireguard to external server? - #2 by ajsharp

I’d imagine some similar involved setup would be required to access Redis on AWS.

This is a bit tricky to do now. Are you already using your Redis already from Fly.io VMs?

Yes! Redis is working great from within Fly.

Great :smiley: So you need access to the same database from AWS. Would you also need write access from there?

Ya, I’ve worked around it w Postgres but ideally we’d be able to consider using Redis for work across providers.

so @jsierles this isn’t possible w redis created on Fly?

It’s not possible right now. It’s something we’re discussing internally, though. Initial thoughts would be to allocate an IP for the database and require TLS.

Edit: It should possible for now using an approach like @ignoramous mentions: hooking up a Wireguard peer.