Redirect to HTTPS on [[statics]]

Currently I can’t use the statics feature due to it responding with unsecured HTTP instead of redirecting to HTTPS. Have I just missed some configuration option or is this currently not possible


This isn’t possible yet, but it’s on the radar!

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+1 Given that Fly has a router that handles all inbound requests to the apps, it’d also be helpful to have this capability not just on statics, but generally on the router. Given we live in the era of everything-should-be-TLSd, it’d be awesome to be able to flip a switch for that to happen at the router.

Similar to that are other things like headers such as HSTS, or simple common route redirects, like www to apex, or apex to www.

Of course, I understand the right answer for these types of things for Fly might be to setup nginx and make it happen that way.