Rails deploy successful but not app is not responding to requests

Hello, I am migrating a Rails 6.1 app from Heroku and have managed all of the steps and deployed successfully. However, once deployed, puma is not responding or showing any requests received in fly logs.


# fly.toml
app = "my-app"
primary_region = "sea"

  internal_port = 3000
  force_https = true
  auto_stop_machines = true
  auto_start_machines = true

  guest_path = "/rails/public"
  url_prefix = "/"
# bin/rails generated dockerfile
# syntax = docker/dockerfile:1

# Make sure RUBY_VERSION matches the Ruby version in .ruby-version and Gemfile
FROM ruby:$RUBY_VERSION-slim as base

# Rails app lives here
WORKDIR /rails

# Set production environment
ENV RAILS_ENV="production" \
    BUNDLE_WITHOUT="development:test" \

# Update gems and bundler
RUN gem update --system --no-document && \
    gem install -N bundler

# Install packages needed to install nodejs
RUN apt-get update -qq && \
    apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y curl && \
    rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists /var/cache/apt/archives

# Install Node.js
ARG NODE_ENV=production
ENV PATH=/usr/local/node/bin:$PATH
RUN curl -sL https://github.com/nodenv/node-build/archive/master.tar.gz | tar xz -C /tmp/ && \
    /tmp/node-build-master/bin/node-build "${NODE_VERSION}" /usr/local/node && \
    rm -rf /tmp/node-build-master

# Throw-away build stage to reduce size of final image
FROM base as build

# Install packages needed to build gems and node modules
RUN apt-get update -qq && \
    apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y build-essential libpq-dev libvips node-gyp pkg-config python-is-python3

# Install yarn
RUN npm install -g yarn@$YARN_VERSION

# Build options
ENV PATH="/usr/local/node/bin:$PATH"

# Install application gems
COPY --link Gemfile Gemfile.lock ./
RUN bundle install && \
    bundle exec bootsnap precompile --gemfile && \
    rm -rf ~/.bundle/ $BUNDLE_PATH/ruby/*/cache $BUNDLE_PATH/ruby/*/bundler/gems/*/.git

# Install node modules
COPY --link package.json yarn.lock ./
RUN yarn install --frozen-lockfile

# Copy application code
COPY --link . .

# Precompile bootsnap code for faster boot times
RUN bundle exec bootsnap precompile app/ lib/

# Precompiling assets for production without requiring secret RAILS_MASTER_KEY
RUN SECRET_KEY_BASE=DUMMY ./bin/rails assets:precompile

# Final stage for app image
FROM base

# Install packages needed for deployment
RUN apt-get update -qq && \
    apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y imagemagick libvips postgresql-client && \
    rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists /var/cache/apt/archives

# Run and own the application files as a non-root user for security
RUN useradd rails --home /rails --shell /bin/bash
USER rails:rails

# Copy built artifacts: gems, application
COPY --from=build /usr/local/bundle /usr/local/bundle
COPY --from=build --chown=rails:rails /rails /rails

# Deployment options

# Entrypoint prepares the database.
ENTRYPOINT ["/rails/bin/docker-entrypoint"]

# Start the server by default, this can be overwritten at runtime
CMD ["./bin/rails", "server"]

I have no idea why it’s not responding at all, I’ve tried using different ports. Hitting the myapp.fly.dev results in nothing.

Logs show that the deploy was successful and it’s ready:

2023-04-29T09:39:16.994 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] Starting init (commit: 15c0f38)...
2023-04-29T09:39:17.019 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] Preparing to run: `/rails/bin/docker-entrypoint ./bin/rails server` as rails
2023-04-29T09:39:17.039 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] 2023/04/29 09:39:17 listening on [fdaa:1:2334:a7b:105:2d5f:daa2:2]:22 (DNS: [fdaa::3]:53)
2023-04-29T09:39:20.077 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] D, [2023-04-29T09:39:20.077001 #526] DEBUG -- : (0.9ms) SELECT pg_try_advisory_lock(8540146439205381105)
2023-04-29T09:39:20.086 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] D, [2023-04-29T09:39:20.086293 #526] DEBUG -- : (1.4ms) SELECT "schema_migrations"."version" FROM "schema_migrations" ORDER BY "schema_migrations"."version" ASC
2023-04-29T09:39:20.094 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] D, [2023-04-29T09:39:20.094117 #526] DEBUG -- : ActiveRecord::InternalMetadata Load (0.8ms) SELECT "ar_internal_metadata".* FROM "ar_internal_metadata" WHERE "ar_internal_metadata"."key" = $1 LIMIT $2 [["key", "environment"], ["LIMIT", 1]]
2023-04-29T09:39:20.100 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] D, [2023-04-29T09:39:20.100148 #526] DEBUG -- : (1.0ms) SELECT pg_advisory_unlock(8540146439205381105)
2023-04-29T09:39:21.388 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] => Booting Puma
2023-04-29T09:39:21.388 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] => Rails application starting in production
2023-04-29T09:39:21.388 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] => Run `bin/rails server --help` for more startup options
2023-04-29T09:39:22.292 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] Puma starting in single mode...
2023-04-29T09:39:22.292 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] * Version 5.0.4 (ruby 2.7.6-p219), codename: Spoony Bard
2023-04-29T09:39:22.292 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] * Min threads: 5, max threads: 5
2023-04-29T09:39:22.292 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] * Environment: production
2023-04-29T09:39:22.293 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] * Listening on
2023-04-29T09:39:22.296 app[2d5fdaa2] sea [info] Use Ctrl-C to stop

Presumably you (understandably) edited these prior to posting, so what I’m about to say isn’t going to be helpful, but these don’t match.

I don’t recognize the first comment in the Dockerfile, and actually believe that the syntax directive needs to precede it, but since you have deployed that’s also not a problem.

I’m stumped.

Nevermind! It was because I was using a fly.toml config for v2 apps, but somehow had created a v1 app.

The docs are very confusing and it was a long amount of trial and error to stumble on this. Can I submit improvements to the docs anywhere?

Cool! At the bottom of each doc page you should see:

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 7.59.52 AM

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