Rails and Fly.io: bin/rails db:migrate vs fly deploy

Hi! In “Getting Started · Fly Docs” I read that “Normally at this point you have database migrations to worry about, code to push, and server processes to restart. Fly takes care of all of this and more, so all you need to do is the following: fly deploy fly open”

If I run bin/rails db:migrate to verify recent changes by running on my app on localhost, as I am long accustomed to in Rails development, will this interfere with subsequent fly-deploy?

Thank you!

No. You can run your app on localhost or even on other servers. All that sentence is trying to say is that you normally have to worry about database migrations and restarting servers on each place that you are deploying to. If you want to deploy to localhost you still have to run db:migrate and start the server yourself, but fly deploy will take care of all of this for you for the copy that is run on fly’s servers.

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