Prometheus integration not working

I hooked up Prometheus to our new Grafana Cloud instance, following the directions here: Hooking Up Fly Metrics · Fly. When I “Save and test,” I get a green check mark and the service is reported as OK.

However, my panels are all empty:

Furthermore, the “app” picker doesn’t display any of our app names.

FYI, I loaded the dashboard from this URL: Fly App dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

That’s odd. We use this dashboard for ourselves and it appears to work properly.

Have you deployed your app(s) in the last few months? Do your apps show up in the “App” dropdown near the top?

No, they don’t:

Our last app deployment was about 2 weeks ago.

What metrics URL are you using? Metrics URLs are per organization – is it possible you set one up for an organization with no apps in it?

Ah hah! That was it – I was using as that’s what the blog post says to use, but I see now that I should replace personal in that URL with the org name.

Someone should probably update the post to point that out!

Anyway, looks like everything is working now, thanks!

Oh yes good point. We can get more information about metrics in flyctl as well.