Private docker image or cross-app pull

I have a multi-tenant setup where each of my clients has their own app but uses the same codebase image. Right now when creating a new app i would have to create the app and then upload the image to the app name repository.

The app’s can be temporary at times and i want to decrease the deployment time. Preventing to have to push the image to every app individually. I can do this by making the docker image public, but i prefer not to. Can i use a docker image on the repository from one app on my own account for newly to be created apps? Or is there some kind of global/cross-app registry?

You can pull images from other apps in your account. I have a separate containers app and use that in my other apps. Here’s script I use to build/push images locally (on M1 mac, so has some extra stuff to build for amd64). You’ll need to run flyctl auth docker if you haven’t.

echo "Building $IMAGE"
docker buildx use $BUILDER || docker buildx create --use --name $BUILDER
DOCKER_BUILD_KIT=1 DOCKER_CLI_EXPERIMENTAL=enabled docker buildx build --platform linux/amd64 --push -t $IMAGE .
docker buildx stop

Then in your Dockerfile:


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