PostgreSQL failover single/multi regions


I’m currently moving my single-node PostgreSQL app (running the flex variant) to a HA one, and the process I did was the following:

  1. Clone my mad instance into cdg region.
  2. Clone my mad instance into ams region.

Then waited until they become healthy, and tried a failover. It failed without any error.

Then I learnt about regional failovers not being done automatically and about this steps to do it manually, but after changing my PRIMARY_REGION env var, nothing happened and mad was still the leader.

Am I right thinking that regional failover is not supported at all?

What is the best practices, running HA just in your primary region?

To be honest, I just want HA to protect from Out Of Memory errors and so, regional failovers was just a bonus tip for me.

Btw, the experience with postgresql-flex has been much better than with the Stolon variant, which failed for no reason for me several times. Great work!

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