Postgres HA leader is showing healthy but logging errors after restart

I restarted my HA leader after accidentally overloading it with requests – shutdown and restart seemed clean, and everything’s working, fly status is showing cluster and read replica as healthy, but I’m getting this constantly in the leader’s log:

2022-10-26T14:07:11.073 app[dfa28db6] lhr [info] checking stolon status
2022-10-26T14:07:12.669 app[dfa28db6] lhr [info] keeper is healthy, db is healthy, role: master
2022-10-26T14:07:12.679 app[dfa28db6] lhr [info] configuring operator
2022-10-26T14:07:12.681 app[dfa28db6] lhr [info] error configuring operator user: can't scan into dest[3]: cannot scan null into *string

EDITED: This might help: A lot of stolon errors in db - #3 by merlin

I think you pasted the link to this thread by accident!

Haaa, I’ve updated the link reference

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OK that’s fixed the error, but my HA replica is now giving me:

lhr [info] sentinel | 2022-10-26T16:24:12.944Z WARN cmd/sentinel.go:276 no keeper info available {"db": "ae52539d", "keeper": "276d288c92"}

I’ll wait and see if it settles down