Postgres ERROR cmd/sentinel.go:1009 no eligible masters

Basically not able to get my Postgres instance working. I can’t even proxy it to back it up locally so that I can create a new instance. Please help.

ERROR cmd/sentinel.go:1009 no eligible masters

ERRO[0323] Error opening connection to database (postgresql://flypgadmin:PASSWORD_REMOVED@[fdaa:0:7a1f:a7b:7f07:1:64bd:2]:5433/postgres?sslmode=disable): dial tcp [fdaa:0:7a1f:a7b:7f07:1:64bd:2]:5433: connect: connection refused source=“postgres_exporter.go:1658”

It looks like your DB app has ~22 volumes, but is only scaled to instance. So it’s most likely booting on a volume without your data.

Do you know where it was running previously? If you remove all the other volumes and keep the one it had before, it should boot right up.

Interesting, So I wound up creating a new deployment from a snapshot and it booted up just fine. How can I clean this up? or how can I identify which volumes don’t have data? I’m pretty new to this as you can tell