Postgres down and won't restart

Hey, one of our postgres instances showing fine in fly status but in fly logs we have

2021-12-07T01:23:57.354 app[e47fdb51] syd [info] keeper   | Is server running?
2021-12-07T01:23:57.354 app[e47fdb51] syd [info] keeper   | 2021-12-07T01:23:57.353Z	ERROR	cmd/keeper.go:843	failed to stop pg instance	{"error": "error: exit status 1"}
2021-12-07T01:23:57.357 app[e47fdb51] syd [info] keeper   | signal: interrupt
2021-12-07T01:23:57.976 app[e47fdb51] syd [info] Main child exited normally with code: 0
2021-12-07T01:23:57.978 app[e47fdb51] syd [info] Starting clean up.
2021-12-07T01:23:57.996 app[e47fdb51] syd [info] Umounting /dev/vdc from /data

restart does nothing

@shawn Taking a look!

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@shaun Nice name btw. We’re back working now.

@shawn Haha, likewise! :smiley:

Glad to hear things are back up and running.

Just an FYI, we noticed that one of your volumes was tied to a host that is currently experiencing problems. We moved one of your volumes onto new hardware and that looks to have cleared things up.

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