Postgres Database Deleted upon Failing Health Checks

Are databases deleted automatically upon failing health checks? Is there anyway to turn that off?

@moses That’s certainly not something that should happen. Can you provide some more details as to what you’re seeing?

Would you also be able to provide the name of your app?

@shaun I deleted the app and recreated it because I needed it for a small service that I was running. I’m sorry, I know that doesn’t help, but I was panicking.

I’m still new to the platform so I may have misunderstood what was happening, but here is what I recall.

  1. I provisioned a development postgres instance with 1GB volume.
  2. I started an import of data.
  3. I performed some tests and everything looked fine (I was able to read/write from the database).
  4. The import exceeded the 1 GB volume.
  5. A few hours later I went to check on the postgres app and it didn’t look like it even existed. My dashboard was telling me that it had not yet been deployed.
  6. I destroyed the app and recreated it with a larger volume and things seems to be fine now.