Postgres CLI & articles are confusing

  1. Tried to switch regions via this guide. After creating a replica in other region, upon fly pg failover got “not enough quorum members” message. That part was missing from the article.

  2. Tried creating one more machine in a new region resulted in this:

Performing a failover
Error promoting new leader, restarting existing leader
Waiting for old leader to finish stopping
Clearing existing machine lease...
Trying to start old leader
Old leader started succesfully
Error: Failed to run failover: no leader could be chosen. Here are the reasons why:

please fix one or more of the above issues, and try again

There are no reasons displayed and it’s confusing what’s the problem and how to proceed.

Also adding a third machine in lax is not possible due to limitation of machines for a hobby plan. So this whole thing makes no sense in terms of understanding how to move the primary without downtime.


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