Port 22 blocked - Git SSH connections to Gitea on Fly.io suddenly not working

I have been running Gitea as a Fly app via their default docker image for a few weeks, but suddenly today Git SSH seems to be broken.

“Nmap cannot determine whether the port is open because packet filtering prevents its probes from reaching the port.”

Similarly, using an online port checker tool will report 22 as closed, but 80 as open.

Port 22 is marked to be exposed in fly.toml, was there some other change in Fly networking that might be causing problems for me?

If you run fly vm stop <id>, does the problems persist when a new one boots up?

Where can I get the VM id for my app? Even flyctl vm status requires an ID, so I’m not sure where to get it :sweat_smile:

Oh, good question: fly status should get you a list. fly status --all should get you a list of all recent ones, even if they’re stopped.

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fly vm stop went through, but port 22 still seems to be being filtered.

nmap git.mat.services -p 22

if you have any interest in poking around yourself

Looks like things are resolved now! Can I assume this may have been something awry in the Fly tech stack, or some other infrastructural issue?

Sorry about this! This was another (even less visible, but much further reaching) issue occuring from a network change that caused some API and VM connectivity issues yesterday. It was resolved this morning.

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