PlanetScale Fly Docs don't render images


Just wanted to note in here that the planet scale docs aren’t loading any of the images on the page:


Good point! :thinking:

It seems the images have somehow got lost in a .webp optimisation/conversion (all the URLs now point to a .webp).

While someone from Fly checks on that, you can see those same images in the sample app’s README:

However (in case you were trying to follow that guide yourself) I should say you don’t need to do anything special to make a Fly app connect to a Planetscale database. It’s just MySQL after all.

That particular guide/app took it a step further and shows a way you could use its read-replicas (providing two database connection strings and then picking which one to connect to depending on the region the app was running in to get the lowest latency - neat!). However since that was written, I believe Planetscale have added an edge URL of their own to handle that for you.

Sorry about the broken images. Let us take a look.

The fix has been deployed. Thanks for letting us know!

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