Pipeline "promote" flow similar to Heroku

I wanted a way to “promote” a staging app to production (as with Heroku pipelines), so I wrote a little script to parse the registry/repository/tag from the staging image, reconstruct the full path, and pass it to a deploy command pointed at prod.

Not sure if there is a built-in/blessed way to do this? An option to get the full image path would be nice (to avoid having to parse JSON).


For my app, every commit to main deploys to “staging” (a separate fly app to “prod”) and when anyone merges in a git tag it deploys the tagged commit to “prod” (note, fly doesn’t yet have notions of envs built-in).

If you desire one env per commit, then fly github action pr-review-apps might come in handy.

See also: Demo: Heroku-style Review Apps