Persistent config on postgres database

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up Datadog monitoring for a postgres instance. I already have a VM that runs the datadog agent, now I need to add some custom configuration to the postgresql.conf file as this doc recommends:

I figured out that postgresql.conf is located at /data/postgres/postgresql.conf. I’ve added the required custom configs there, but these don’t seem to persist after restarting. This is strange, because I thought that /data is the persistent volume, so I’m guessing that either this is not the case, or the image is overriding the conf file during booting.
Can you help me out with that?

Hey @Zolcsi, to persist Postgres configuration through reboots you have to add them here: postgres-ha/config.go at d50f69154cce51f807245360f30b9317c1738dca · fly-apps/postgres-ha · GitHub.

Thanks for the info! I’m still considering if it’s worth the hassle to loose the “fly postgres” command for some metrics :slight_smile: