Persistent 503 Error When Creating/Updating Machines via Generated Machine API


I have a problem with the machine API, it keeps throwing a 503 error when I create or update machines, even after switching regions. Any ideas what might be causing this persistent issue?

api response: [POST /apps/{app_name}/machines/{machine_id}] Machines_update (status 503): {}

here the example of go code using generated machine api:

    p := machines.NewMachinesUpdateParams()
		Config: struct{ models.APIMachineConfig }{
			APIMachineConfig: models.APIMachineConfig{
				AutoDestroy: false,
				Checks: map[string]models.APIMachineCheck{
					"http-get": {
						Type:     "http",
						Protocol: "http",
						Port:     8080,
						Method:   "GET",
						Path:     "/liveness",
						Interval: "15s",
						Timeout:  "10s",
				DNS: &models.APIDNSConfig{
					SkipRegistration: false,
				Env: map[string]string{
					"FLY_PROCESS_GROUP": "app",
					"PORT":              "8080",
					"PRIMARY_REGION":    "cdg",
				Files: nil,
				Guest: &models.APIMachineGuest{
					CPUKind:          "shared",
					Cpus:             1,
					GpuKind:          "",
					HostDedicationID: "",
					KernelArgs:       nil,
					MemoryMb:         512,
				Image: dockerImage,
				Init: &models.APIMachineInit{
					Cmd:        nil,
					Entrypoint: nil,
					Tty:        false,
					KernelArgs: nil,
					SwapSizeMb: 0,
					Exec:       nil,
				Metadata: map[string]string{
					"fly_process_group":    "app",
					"fly_platform_version": "v2",
				Metrics:   nil,
				Mounts:    nil,
				Processes: nil,
				Restart: &models.APIMachineRestart{
					MaxRetries: 10,
					Policy:     "on-fail",
				Schedule: "",
				Services: []*models.APIMachineService{
						Protocol: "tcp",
						Ports: []*models.APIMachinePort{
								Port:     443,
								Handlers: []string{"tls", "http"},
								Port:       80,
								ForceHTTPS: true,
								Handlers:   []string{"http"},
						Autostart: true,
						Autostop:  true,
						Checks:    nil,
						Concurrency: &models.APIMachineServiceConcurrency{
							Type:      "requests",
							HardLimit: 250,
							SoftLimit: 200,
						InternalPort:       8080,
						MinMachinesRunning: 0,
				Statics:    nil, 
				StopConfig: nil,
		LeaseTTL:                120,
		Region:                  region,
		SkipLaunch:              true,
		SkipServiceRegistration: false,

	result, err := s.machine.Machines.MachinesUpdate(p)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err

	return result, nil

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