Per VM DNS entry

Hi there,

Is it possible to upgrade the internal DNS that fly provides to have per VM DNS entries?

Something like <hostname>.vm.<appname>.internal or <hostname>.<region>.<appname>.internal.

The purpose for this is to create a private wildcard certificate for a set of hosts in a single app (specifically for CockroachDB).
e.g. *.vm.cockroachdb-example.internal or *.syd.cockroachdb-example.internal


We do have per-VM DNS entries, though they aren’t as useful as you’d hope; if you have the hostname 5bfa109e running foo-app, then should work.

The thing that’s tricky for us to do is to give you any control over what those hostnames actually are; in our system, VMs don’t have any ability to “update” the DNS themselves (that happens in our control plane), so you can’t really do anything in code in your container (or your Fly config) right now to set a specific hostname.

Actually, thats enough to make it work. Don’t need to have any “update” functionality for my use case.


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I’m thrilled that there’s a use case for this weird corner of our DNS. :slight_smile: