panic: nested instrument span!

I suspect this is something deep within the flyctl but I’m this morning getting the following error messages when I try to run fly launch. I’m on v0.0.554 darwin/arm64 Commit: aa9b9ad3 BuildDate: 2023-05-05T03:45:30Z.

$ fly launch
Creating app in /Users/wsv/Sites/Github-Tutorial-Code/fly-helloworld
Scanning source code
Detected a Django app
? Choose an app name (leave blank to generate one): django-helloworld-example
automatically selected personal organization: Will Vincent
panic: nested instrument span!

goroutine 26 [running]:*ApiInstrumenter).Begin(0x12e38e9e8?) +0xd0*Client).RunWithContext(_, {_, _}, _) +0x6c*Client).GetOrganizationBySlug(0x14000ccd7c0?, {0x105dacca8, 0x14000b88060}, {0x14000b20748, 0x8}) +0x164{0x105dacca8, 0x14000b88060}, 0x0?, {0x14000b20748, 0x8}) +0x50
created by +0x604
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I’ve been having the same issue as well, this afternoon. Any solutions so far?

Hey @wsvincent and @syx, that’s a bug introduced in flyctl v0.0.554. The change causing it was reverted soon after and released in v0.0.555. If you upgrade, I think it will get sorted out.

(If you’re using Homebrew, I think v0.0.554 is still the newest version available, unfortunately. If it’s not possible to temporarily downgrade through Homebrew, you could grab a binary release from GitHub for the time being.)

Sorry you ran into this!


Thanks for the quick reply @MatthewIngwersen . Figured as such.

thank you for the speedy solution, works now!

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