Organization-wide secrets?


We’re collecting some metrics across all our apps that need to be hashed, and want to make sure that every app is using the same salt. Is there any way to set organization-wide secrets?


We don’t have support for that right now, but that’s an interesting feature. How many apps do you have?

You can set them from a bash loop and verify that they are all using the same value with the MD5 show in flyctl secrets list

There’s 172 apps. That makes sense though. In our case I’m slightly hesitant to reboot everything all at once, but we’ll figure something out if there isn’t a way to do this system-wide.

Ah yeah restarting everything at once would be bad. You can do it at your pace and verify they are all the same like this

 flyctl apps list | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -I {} flyctl secrets list -a {} | grep SECRET_NAME 
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