opentelemetry integration with managed Grafana instance

I want to deploy an application which exports opentelemetry data. I want to be able to send the data to the Grafana instance managed by In the documentation, I am not able to find any way of doing this.

You may be able to send this data to our metrics cluster, which is Prometheus compatible VictoriaMetrics. I believe there is a way to push telemetry data to VictoriaMetrics, but I haven’t tested this myself, though, I’d be interested in hearing how this goes for you!

Here are a couple of resources to help you get started:

Thanks for the reply! I am able to send the metrics to VictoriaMetrics but not traces. VictoriaMetrics doesn’t support traces. Is there any other way I can use to send tracing data to and view it in grafana without having to deploy it myself?

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