opening ports on the VMs

I know it’s probably a bit unusual, but it would be really useful for me to open a port on each vm to accept some direct connections, it that possible at all?

(our app uses and its handy if it has a port open, most of the traffic will still be outbound http in the usual fashion)

This is not possible. But it looks like there are some nat traversal options that could suit your case. Would that work for you?

Thanks for the quick reply, and extra thanks for checking out the libp2p docs on my behalf!

There were some recent improvements for hole-punching Hole punching in libp2p - Overcoming Firewalls | IPFS Blog & News

For the moment I have enabled it with

ipfs config --json Swarm.EnableHolePunching true
ipfs config --json Swarm.RelayClient.Enabled true

and it works (at least in the sense I can reach the nodes with ipfs ping <ID>), I will look at adding relays too.

Trying out fly has been one of the most delightful DevX ive experienced in many years, thanks to all there!