OOM restart notification?

Hey there,

My server has automatically restarted a few times because it had not enough memory.
I wish I had been notified of these server restarts. How can I set up such notifications?


It would be nice to have this out of the box. I had the same issue

If that is your app, other solutions could be:

  • make it notify you on each start that it has started
  • set notification on log management to look for app out of memory crash in logs
  • i think you can also set notifications on fly’s app health checks. Upd: you can’t, it was deprecated: Preview: health checks and alerting (deprecated)

We send OOM notifications once per day … when we can catch them. These are reasonably difficult to catch, though, so we’ll sometimes miss them.

Right now, the two ways you have to notify yourself are:

  1. Setup the fly log shipper and send logs somewhere that can notify on a log pattern
  2. Have you app call out to another service when it boots

If you’re running Machines, you can poll the Machine status endpoint to get restart events.

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