Old VMs still hanging around

This is a really odd issue.

We used to connect out to an external redis instance hosted on ComposeDB.
We migrated away from that setup. The env vars providing the ComposeDB connection string were deleted. Having completed the migration, a couple of days I deleted our old redis instance on ComposeDB.
Then on 27 Feb, something started spewing getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND our-old-instance-id.composedb.com errors into Sentry.
Naturally my first instinct was that we still had some code trying to call out to that redis instance on compose that we had not cleaned up, but the connection string didn’t exist anywhere in our code or the production env vars. So… there must be something else somewhere with our Sentry DSN and old Redis URL. Maybe there’s an old server out there that hasn’t been shut down from before we migrated to fly? Had all our secrets been stolen somehow?

Our current docker image uses node v16.19.1 and all our instances have been deployed pretty recently.
Further investigation revealed that all the getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND our-old-instance-id.composedb.com errors I could see in Sentry were coming from a server running node v16.18.0 which started up at 2022-10-28T02:03:41.040Z(4 months before this event). It reports its server name as 53b890db

So I ran flyctl status. 53b890db is not one of our currently running instances.

Then I ran flyctl vm status 53b890db:

  ID            = 53b890db              
  Process       = app                   
  Version       = 669                   
  Region        = ewr                   
  Desired       = stop                  
  Status        = failed                
  Health Checks = 1 total, 1 passing    
  Restarts      = 18                    
  Created       = 2022-10-25T19:57:18Z  

TIMESTAMP           	TYPE      	MESSAGE                                                                                                                             
2022-10-25T19:57:12Z	Received  	Task received by client                                                                                                            	
2022-10-25T19:57:12Z	Task Setup	Building Task Directory                                                                                                            	
2022-10-25T19:57:21Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T01:49:45Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T01:49:45Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.075033318s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-26T01:49:51Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T03:18:01Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T03:18:01Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.06766741s                                                                                                     	
2022-10-26T03:18:07Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T08:48:43Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T08:48:43Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.196959979s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-26T08:48:49Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T11:21:07Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T11:21:07Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.093784231s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-26T11:21:13Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T12:17:51Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T12:17:51Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.002185957s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-26T12:17:58Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T19:04:46Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T19:04:46Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.249096692s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-26T19:04:52Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T20:23:28Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T20:23:28Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.248760006s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-26T20:23:34Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-26T22:04:00Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-26T22:04:00Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.050022376s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-26T22:04:07Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T01:28:15Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T01:28:15Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.168919129s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T01:28:22Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T02:37:34Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T02:37:34Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.24585659s                                                                                                     	
2022-10-27T02:37:40Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T03:07:24Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T03:07:24Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.176336229s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T03:07:30Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T05:39:30Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T05:39:30Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.159094445s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T05:39:36Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T06:33:34Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T06:33:34Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.013122023s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T06:33:40Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T10:46:42Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T10:46:42Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.197279832s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T10:46:49Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T13:16:33Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T13:16:33Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.141440758s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T13:16:39Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T19:17:17Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T19:17:17Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.005445972s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T19:17:25Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-27T20:03:57Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-27T20:03:57Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.229871888s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-27T20:04:04Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-28T02:03:34Z	Terminated	OOM Killed                                                                                                                         	
2022-10-28T02:03:34Z	Restarting	Task restarting in 1.086515382s                                                                                                    	
2022-10-28T02:03:40Z	Started   	Task started by client                                                                                                             	
2022-10-28T05:03:28Z	Killing   	Vault: failed to derive vault token: DeriveVaultToken RPC failed: no servers                                                       	
2022-10-28T05:03:31Z	Template  	Missing: vault.read(apps/data/113240/112625), vault.read(apps/data/113240/112626), vault.read(apps/data/113240/112627), and 14 more	
2022-10-28T05:08:36Z	Killing   	Template failed: vault.read(apps/data/113240/112626): vault.read(apps/data/113240/112626): Error making API request.               	
                    	          	URL: GET https://active.vault.service.consul:8200/v1/apps/data/113240/112626                                                       	
                    	          	Code: 400. Errors:                                                                                                                 	
                    	          	* missing client token                                                                                                             	
2022-10-28T05:10:30Z	Terminated	plugin is shut down                                                                                                                	

ID                              	SERVICE	STATE  	OUTPUT                               
bd5bc5afcbd9bf8bed1c433dd758c330	tcp-80 	passing	TCP connect Success

so that does appear to correspond to an old fly VM that was ours at some point (which is a relief - it seems nobody stole all our secrets). The last time it started was 2022-10-28T02:03:40Z (which roughly corresponds to what is reported in sentry), but why is it spewing errors into sentry today?
Having dug into it a bit more, we’ve got a total of ~120k of these error events in sentry over 2 days. The flood seems to have stopped ~2 hours ago. About 40k events each are from 3 instances: 53b890db, 6eb27ad2 and 88945859. I haven’t included the details for 6eb27ad2 and 88945859 but they follow a similar pattern: the last attempted start shows 2022-10-28, flyctl status doesn’t report them being in our cluster and they’ve all chucked ~40k events into our sentry over the last couple of days (or at least something reporting to be them has). Also none of those IDs show up in the list under “VM Service Concurrency” in our metrics dashboard.

So it appears to me that some old VMs (which are not visible via flyctl status) may somehow still be hanging around. There’s a few concerning things about this:

  • Given each of these VMs have managed to throw >40,000 errors into sentry in the space of a day I am worried they may actually have been accepting production traffic. It is hard to tell
  • I am unclear how we can identify if there are ‘zombie’ instances hanging around. The only reason I noticed these existed was because we shut down an external service and they spammed Sentry. If we hadn’t done then we’d never have known
  • I am worried we could be getting billed for compute time for these instances

Is anyone able to shed any light on what might have happened here? I’m aware this is a very strange issue.

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This is odd. It’s a very rare Nomad problem we run into. When Nomad is having a fit, it’ll occasionally leave lingering VMs running. We usually detect these, but it looks like this process has been happily hanging out for the last few months. We’ve now killed it.

The good news is, you haven’t been charged for it. If Nomad thinks it’s gone, we don’t bill. And it hasn’t received any traffic. Definitely let us know if you see more weird zombie vms.

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Thanks for the quick reply. It it useful to know these instances weren’t accepting traffic. Is there any way I would be able to tell if this happened again if the zombie VM didn’t throw a bunch of notifications into Sentry?

There’s not, really. If you made your VMs phone home, somehow, you could tell. Let me think about this, we may be able to do something from within the init to catch this stuff.