Oban on fly.io in a distributed application

I’m having trouble configuring an Oban queue in a distributed environment, with a fly postgresql instance.

Migration is OK, I can see jobs in the DB, but their state is stuck on available.

I tried all the suggestions in the troubleshooting guide, here is my config right now:

config :jitter_backend, Oban,
  repo: JitterBackend.Repo,
  notifier: Oban.Notifiers.PG,
  peer: Oban.Peers.Global,
  plugins: [Oban.Plugins.Pruner, Oban.Plugins.Repeater, Oban.Plugins.Stager],
  queues: [default: 10]

But jobs still aren’t processed.

Anyone got Oban to work on fly?

This was a configuration issue, default is a queue name and it doesn’t match the queue I’m using in my code. The issue wasn’t visible in tests because of testing: inline in the test conf, that bypasses the DB completely.