Not_defined redirect_uri issue.


I have deployed my shopify app on The backend is based on PHP template. Everything works fine on local but once the app is deployed to and is hit, it basically returns ‘not_defined/ExitIframe’ url.

Background Information:
I have created an endpoint which takes shopname as parameter and I use that to install my public application on any store. It should work as the app is public and deployed on

Details of the endpoint:

Route::get('/api/install/clipjoy', function (Request $request) {
    $shop = Utils::sanitizeShopDomain($request->query('shop'));
    $encodedRedirect = urlencode("");
    header("Location: "."https://$shop/admin/oauth/authorize?client_id=$client_id&scope=write_products,read_orders,write_publications,read_publications,read_themes&redirect_uri=$encodedRedirect");

I call installApp function on the /api/shopify/redirect hit.

public function installApp(Request $request)
        $response = Http::post('https://'.$request->get('shop').'/admin/oauth/access_token?client_id=$client_id&client_secret=$client_secret='.$request->get('code'));
        return redirect(Utils::getEmbeddedAppUrl($request->query("host", null)));

client_id and client_secret keys are placed correctly and verified already. I have added /api/shopify/redirect as well in the Allowed redirection URL(s). However, after the user app permission approval screen, the app home page shows up for a couple of seconds and then “Oauth error invalid_request: The redirect_uri is not whitelisted” issue occurs. When I see the network calls, I can see I get 400 error on /admin/oauth/authorize call. In addition to this, in the call redirect_uri updates to “https://not_defined/api/auth/callback”.

Hey @saqibrashidRT
This seems related to your issue

Please have a look

Hi DarkCheftar007,

Thanks for your reply, let me check and look into this and get back if the issue persists. Thanks for your reply again.

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