No route to host when trying to connect from an external source


I cannot for the life of me figure out what else I am supposed to do to connect to the postgres db externally? I followed the steps in the docs and cannot connect in DB beaver or terminal or anything - i just get No route to host. I tried using the host, and ipv6 but nothing. I am not paying 2€ for a ipv4

On AWS you just set the inbound rules to and connect from a banana if you want to, what do I need to do here?? I just want to get a host, connect and move on with my life😭

I’m having the same issue. I find it absolutely mind boggling that the instruction docs don’t give you a simple way to get a connection string that you can use to connect externally to your db. Several posts on this forum also about people having the same issue.

I solved it by using Supabase instead. Much better and simpler platform, took me 30 seconds to do it. Absolutely ridiculous.

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