No http status codes etc data on metrics page

I saw data on weekend on our status codes / response times / vm service concurrency metrics, but today those has been empty with “No data available” label:

Is there something going on which we could fix by ourselves? All the queries (looking from devtools) resulting http status 200, with {"resultType":"matrix","result":[]}.

Can you confirm there are requests for your app? I assume there are.

Are you at liberty to mention which app this is? I’m looking at your apps (there are many), but only one seems to be getting some traffic. I see metrics for it internally, but that’s using a different path from what our users have access to.

There may have been issues with our metrics cluster around that time. I’m looking into this more.

I am now talking about -test ending app, which is getting requests all the time now.

Are you seeing metrics now or are the charts still empty?

Still empty:

Ok, this looks like it’s on our end. There are gaps in our metrics, but you should still see some data, that’s another problem it seems :thinking:

Ok and thanks! I also tried other browsers and all the time periods and no data was shown.

Still, I can manage without those metrics, so happy fixing :slight_smile:

Oh, this might be caused because you moved this app to a different organization.

Can you try deploying a new image? That should fix the organization and where we send the metrics.

Edit: I see you deployed since then, nevermind. Still looking on our end.

Update: now I see http status codes on metrics!