next.js and GraphQl - ran out of memory?

anyone know how to fix this issue? I used next.js for front end and GraphQl for backend. My home page populates but when I try to get click to a dynamically run page for the details, I get “internal server error” and I received an email from that my app crashed because it “ran out of memory”? If anyone has some knowledge to shed on this topic, let me know. here is my deployed app: – it is not complete yet so bare with me.

It looks like your app needs more memory. There are two types: real and virtual. Real is faster, but more expensive. Virtual is slower and generally free.

To scale your app to 1GB of real memory, use:

fly scale memory 1024

To allocate 512MB of swap space for use as virtual memory, add the following to your fly.toml:

swap_size_mb = 512


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