My application and postgres are down

UPDATE: Fixed the problem by scaling the database up.

Hi, I’m a little desperate.
I ran a deploy and the app is down.
The deployment failed do to problems connecting to the database.
I tryied many things that didn’t work.

I tried to restart with
fly db restart -a brandkitdb
But it told me I needed to update image first.

I ran
fly image update -a brandkitdb

But the database has unhealthy allocations.
Now if I try to run
fly pg restart -a brandkitdb
It returns

Error can't get role for 1c7fe5a2-c1b1-33ac-0a71-fd68cca882ff: 500: "failed to connect to local node: context deadline exceeded"

Any ideas on what can I do to solve this issue?


Fixed the problem by scaling up the postgres database.
fly scale count 3 -a brandkitdb

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