Must be amd64 architecture for linux os, found arm64 linux.

Hey Guys,

right now im facing this issue:
Searching for image ‘woudan/homework’ remotely…
Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: image must be amd64 architecture for linux os, found arm64 linux

When i execute => flyctl launch --image woudan/homework --now

but im pretty sure that my image should now be the correct architecture.
Is there any Cache or anything i have to clear beforehand?
I already did => fly version update
Oh and im using the Web CLI.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the link to DockerHub Docker

Sounds similar to Docker deploy failing due to using wrong image?, which was supposed to have been fixed. Have you tried pushing a new tag and using it? (e.g. “woudan/homework:v2”)

This sounds like an image that get built on MacOS. If you’re building this with docker, you need to do something like:

docker build . --platform linux/amd64

Then push it to Docker Hub.

That actually worked thank you don’t know why because I already had a tag that was for amd64

Thanks i did it already that way and DockerHub showed it as amd64 but apparently it has something to do with it being not amd64 at the start

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