Multiple revert releases in a row -- Eventually failed

Hello! Awhile ago now, we ran into the Heroku buildpack problems that were causing our builds to fail. We eventually got that under control and everything is fine now!

But, during that time, we had many reverts that were happening at the same time. In fact, 8 reverts occurred while we were trying to fix our problem. What we found odd, and which is why I’m here, we had only one successful revert to a working version. Subsequent reverts failed. Is that expected?

So, the chain of events worked like this:

Action Version
:white_check_mark: Latest stable and working version v103
:x: New version tries to deploy, it fails v104
:white_check_mark: Automatic revert to v103 succeeds v105
:x: Another new version tries to deploy, fails v106
(Some other activity occurs, here, don’t exactly remember what it was)
:x: Automatic revert to v105 fails v109
Then, like 109, all subsequent reverts try to go back to v105, which always fail

In image form:

If that helps anyone or if I need to clarify anymore, let me know!

Reverts can get marked as failed when new VMs don’t boot quickly. We’ll be making these more reliable (and communicate more information) this year, but for now you can safely ignore those messages if your app is working fine.