Monorepo (turborepo) quick starter

Here is a simple quick starter I created to deploy multiple fly apps from one Dockerfile. Open to suggestions and room for improvement! Repo

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Awesome work and props for sharing it!

Here’s a suggestion: my take is that distinct projects from the same Dockerfile could he handled by [processes]

You’d pretty much just need something like:

  web = "/path/to/web/index"
  gateways = "/path/to/gateway/index"

And you can do things like:

fly scale count web=8 gateway=2

The only downside I can remember of is that if you want envs and secrets to be set differently from gateway and web you would need two apps because those are per-app.

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Funny enough, I originally tried using that method because it made the most sense to me, but I 1) couldn’t get docker to build properly and 2) because of the downside you mentioned with the env variables.