Migration to Apps v2 with volume in fra region not possible

I tried to migrate to v2 with an app having a volume in fra. I’m on the hobby plan. When migrating fra is no more available and I choose cdf (Paris). This always ends with

==> Migrating wallabag-server to the V2 platform
>  Locking app to prevent changes during the migration
>  Making snapshots of volumes for the new machines
failed while migrating: Disk id 741 is not a valid candidate
==> (!) An error has occurred. Attempting to rollback changes...
>  Successfully recovered
>  Unlocking application
Error: Disk id 741 is not a valid candidate

What can I do?

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One way around this is to create a volume in the same region and then do all the migration steps manually.

Otherwise, if you’re not a rush, you can retry the migration periodically. The worker may have capacity at a point in future and we’ll be able to run the migration successfully.

For what its worth, this issue is unique to the way we’ve designed volumes in that they are tied to a host, hence the issue. We’ve got ideas to make this work out of the box so in future, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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