Migrating from heroku through the GUI results in infinite deploy loop

Hey all, I currently run my nodejs API server on an heroku hobby dyno, and I used fly.io GUI to automatically migrate fly.io

The result is an infinite deployment loop :woman_shrugging:

The logs (see image below) don’t provide any useful info, and ATM it is on deployment v14.

I haven’t done anything except follow the GUI steps on:

Any ideas how to approach this?

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Depending on what you’re bringing over, it might be easier if you run fly launch from the root of your NodeJS project (and not go through the Web GUI) and follow the instructions for bringing over your pg database at Migrate a Postgres Database from Heroku · Fly Docs.

There’s a few steps in the Rails migration docs at Migrate from Heroku · Fly Docs that might be helpful for bringing your NodeJS app over, but obviously not everything is applicable.