Metrics documentation

Is there documentation that describes flys built in metrics? The docs I can find list many (but not all) fly metrics without descriptions.

Basically what I am looking for is a brief description of each metric and an explanation of what scale they use etc. For instance the metric fly_instance_disk_time_writing is available from the metrics service but I can’t be 100% sure what the units are or what exactly it’s measuring as it is not documented or even acknowledged anywhere as far as I can tell and thus I don’t feel extremely comfortable using it. I’ve spent some time poking around the forums and docs a little but I haven’t found anything.

If this documentation does not currently exist, could someone speak to whether or not it is on the roadmap?

I realize this is a little nitpicky but I really love the platform overall (thank you awesome fly team!) and this one of my few major gripes at the moment with it.


Thanks for pointing this out!

I actually was not sure about this myself, so dug into the metrics and started a PR for documenting and adding missing series. I’ll update this thread when it’s finished.

Meanwhile, if you want more info about a specific metric, let me know.

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Thank you for your quick reply!

The main ones I am looking for some clarity on in terms of units and exact meaning are:

  1. fly_instance_disk_time_writing
  2. fly_instance_disk_time_reading
  3. fly_instance_disk_io_in_progress
  4. fly_instance_disk_time_io

They sound like the things I want but I am just having a little trouble setting it up in grafana with the appropriate time and scale settings.

Thank you!

The docs are updated now with a full list of metrics plus units where they are not obvious. These four in particular are documented here.

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Thank you!