Machine wakes every hour on the dot

I’ve used this guide to setup a scale-to-zero Minecraft server on Fly. Initially it would wake up every once in a while. Either from someone scanning the IP (I guess) or if someone tried to join the server.

But now it wakes exactly once an hour. The only change I’ve made is to setup a logshipper to Logtail, but I don’t understand why that would cause the machine to wake every hour. I’m not sure the logshipper is causing it.

Does someone have an idea why this is happening?

Hi, would you mind sharing your fly.toml? You might also want to take a look at the docs on autostop/start: Automatically Stop and Start Machines · Fly Docs

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I don’t have a fly.toml for the minecraft server app since I used this guide as a guideline: Scale-to-Zero Minecraft server with Terraform and Fly Machines · Fly

The guide only uses Terraform to define and run the app. I have a fly.toml for the log shipping app, but I guess that is not worth much to you. It is super basic:

app = "small-meadow-888"
primary_region = "ams"

  image = ""

  http_checks = []
  internal_port = 8686

I’ve tried to scale the logshipper to zero and my main machine is still waking up every hour. So it seems to be something else that wakes it up. It is possible to see any information on the request that causes a machine to wake up? I’ve attached a screenshot of Grafana where you can see the hourly wake.

At this point I’m considering disabling auto start and use the Machine API to start it when necessary.

Hi @FlyUser0906

With autostart, it will start your server any time anyone attempts a connection to your server.

This means that if your server has ended up on some kind of game server list, it could be that the game server list does hourly pinging to check if the game server is still alive.

You have zero control on who can trigger your server to start when using autostart. If you don’t want this then you’re probably better off turning autostart off and manually starting the server when you need it.


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