Machine stuck in "Starting"

After the following issue (Can't reach database server in FRA) , now one of my machines (6e82215c764208) is stuck in “starting”.

I can’t restart it or stop it and it returns “Error no active leader found”.

Someone from the team can help me out on this?

As a workaround if you don’t have any persistent volumes attached then:

  • Clone it (flyctl m clone <vm-id> -r <region> -a <app-name> ...)
  • Remove the current one (flyctl m remove <vm-id> -f -a <app-name>)?

You can fetch vm-ids with flyctl m list -a <app-name>.

I do have a persistemt volume attached.

Here’s the output of flyctl status -a <<APP_NAME>>

ID            	STATE   	ROLE 	REGION	HEALTH CHECKS	IMAGE                        	CREATED             	UPDATED
6e82215c764208	starting	error	cdg   	3 total      	flyio/postgres:14.4 (v0.0.32)	2022-11-24T11:02:37Z	2023-02-19T12:45:00Z

May be this recent single host issue in CDG tripped your machine: Unannounced Maintenance? - #2 by jerome

In case of volumes, as a workaround: Clone both the persistent volume (from its recent snapshot; docs) and the machine, in that order?

Thanks. After trying to restart the db instance and deploying the app again, it now worked.

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