LiteFS: Use Backblaze B2 instead of S3?

LiteFS seems very interesting! I prefer using Backblaze B2 over S3 due to lower costs, etc. Is this possible &/or tested yet with LiteFS?

I don’t think LiteFS backs up to a blob store, yet (ref). Are you looking for litestream instead? If so, it works out of the box with Cloudflare R2 (which might be equally cheaper), though I am unsure if litestream will continue to be actively maintained.

We’ll still maintain Litestream as a disaster recovery tool but it has a pretty narrow scope so there likely won’t be a lot of new features added.

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Exoscale Cloud Pricing | Calculate Your Costs Quickly may be a decent alternative, too.

Not as cheap as Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison: Amazon S3 vs Azure vs B2 , but s3 compatible.

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Litestream uses a default sync interval of 1 second since it’s a single node, however, LiteFS replicates to other nodes so it will probably default to something higher such as every 10 seconds. With a higher sync interval and with LiteFS’ support for compaction, the costs should be quite a bit lower than Litestream (which is already quite cheap).