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Hello everyone!

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out for some guidance and assistance. I recently purchased an IP on for the purpose of Stripe Identity IP verification.

However, I’m encountering an issue where the IP address keeps changing, making it difficult to maintain a consistent connection. I am in urgent need of a fixed IP to ensure a seamless and reliable verification process. If you have any knowledge or experience with and IP configuration, your help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m using laravel and the api is called from a job with the worker app

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It may be that you have a custom relationship with Fly and have obtained a static outgoing IP, however as far as I’m aware it is not possible to get one e.g

However … I’ve also used Stripe. I didn’t need to verify a static IP.

Your app may well have different/stricter requirements however when I did it, I needed to verify the IP that Stripe’s request came from (which is possible because Stripe does have a fixed range of IPs that you can check against). Stripe did not need to know my IP, where requests to it came from.

(You can also verify its webhook signature, which also proves the incoming request did indeed come from Stripe)

Do you have any documentation from Stripe’s site you could share? That may help show whether it is possible.

You need to have a restricted key to do some specific stripe call.

Ah, ok.

When I used Stripe (for payments, not identity) providing an IP was optional (like when creating an API key, you could restrict its usage by IP but you didn’t have to). Identity may have different requirements I’m not aware of.

If Stripe does require you to tell it your IP, I suspect you are going to have that same problem: Fly does not provide a static IP for outgoing requests :thinking:.

Maybe someone else on here has used Stripe Identity before and will be able to offer some advice.

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