Know machine ID before creation?

Is there any deterministic way to determine a machine’s ID (specifically for use with {id}.vm.{app}.internal) before creating a machine for the first time? I do not see a way to provide an ID on creation.

This is important for things like distributed DBs where they need to know their peers. Currently I launch, get ids, then update each machine, but that requires all the machines to restart.

Or is there a way to address a node by it’s name? I know that they are unique within an app.

I also did not see a way to provide metadata during machine creation. If that’s possible, then <value>.<key>.kv._metadata.<appname>.internal should be a way to do it.

I guess you can just pass it in, wasn’t in docs:

  "name": "keeper-0",
  "config": {
    "image": "",
    "metadata": {
      "hey": "ho"

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