Issues using 6PN address from Elixir HTTP client (Tesla etc)?

I am new to Fly so maybe I am not understanding this correctly, but I thought the private networking would be perfect for my use case but can’t seem to get it working once deployed. Basically I have 2 apps, my http server in Phoenix (exposed to outside world) and a legacy http server running on another app that is not exposed. I need to make some http requests from Phoenix to my legacy server and it won’t find it using the legacy-app.internal address that I should be able to use.

If I fly ssh console into my Phoenix instance and then run curl http://legacy-app.internal:8000/version I can get the response as expected but if remote iex into the app and run Tesla.get("http://legacy-app.internal:8000/version") then I get {:error, "non-existing domain"}.

I tried some other Tesla adapters but it seems something in Elixir is not using the DNS entry to connect correctly. Does Elixir not support the way the 6PN thing is setup? or am I missing something?

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