issue with image upload


I’ve a problem with Rails app. It’s using
gem “image_processing”, “~> 1.2”


I’ve tried to make some changes in Dockerfile
ARG DEV_PACKAGES=“git build-essential libpq-dev wget vim curl gzip xz-utils libsqlite3-dev libvips libvips-dev libvips-tools libglib2.0-dev glib-2.0-dev libpng-dev libjpeg-dev”

After that did:
fly deploy --remote-only
fly deploy

Please advice :slight_smile: Sorry first time using and not a big fan of docker.

Fixed, my fault. I put dependencies into the wrong place, it must be here: PROD_PACKAGES

Glad to hear you fixed it. You can also update PROD_PACKAGES in your fly.toml like:

  PROD_PACKAGES = "git ...."

Not that you probably don’t want the -dev packages in production. You could add libglib2.0-0 or similar to save space.