Is there a way to view logs of my app?

I’m using for about a week and I loved the service. But I’m not sure if there’s a way to view application output logs. I know that I can do that by clicking on the top right “Running” button and that will show latest logs, however I want to check some old logs. Is that possible?

We only store logs for the past 48h, one possible way to store old logs would be creating a log shipper app:

You can configure it to store logs from one or many apps, from one or many instances, one or many regions.

Here’s a blog post about that: Fly Logs over NATS

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Another option if you don’t want to use an external provider, Local Logging Setup


I can only see the last 20 rows on the web dashboard or with flyctl logs, how can I browse older logs (even within the 48hours)?

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flyctl logs are best effort. As mentioned in answers above, you should either setup fly-log-local or fly-log-shipper.

But really, Fly should consider prioritising a stackdriver / cloudwatch logs like managed service.